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Simple APIs.

Polybit: Open Source to Infrastructure

Start your next backend API for your web, mobile or IoT app with our popular open source project, Nodal, and never make another downstream decision. You can use most of our services from Nodal's command line interface. We have you covered — production-ready and highly-scalable backend APIs in an instant.

Our goal at Polybit is to create a seamless developer experience from application development to delivery. When building within our ecosystem, you can forget about infrastructure management completely. Our vision is that every developer should be able to leverage the power of the cloud as if it were an extension of their personal computer.

Build Your Next Product API-First

Front-end web application frameworks. Mobile apps. IoT devices. Bots. The number of different types of clients that need to access your business logic is growing every day.

Simplify your development process by building your product API-first with Nodal and Polybit. We own the open source, meaning we're first responders to your issues.

Strength in Community

We're here for you. Our open source software has a community of thousands, and we're excited to get everyone sharing their projects in the same spot. We've started a brand new Slack community so we can better keep in touch with the community.

Join us on Slack today and get a special welcome gift. To request access, simply click the button below.

As we continue to grow with the community, we're looking forward to showcasing your Nodal and Polybit creations. Keep in touch — e-mail us anytime at

Aligned With Developers

At Polybit, we live and breathe our product. We understand your pain points because they're ours as well. Join us on our journey to make application development and delivery painless.

Use our products and services today;

Our open source is — and will continue to be — free. Our cloud services are pay-per-use, using Polybit Credits.